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October 25-The Skeptics Cont'd.docx

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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

A dogmatic person is someone who believes that everything you do must be guided by a truth whether the forms God or the natural path of the political animal you will be lostThe skeptics attack the idea that everyone who does not follow the truth is doomed They attack the notion that most of humanity is flawed They assert a philosophical approach that enables the human individual to be happy directlyhappy as a merchant or a husband or even a tyrant Their notion of compromise is close to liberal tolerance and relativismThere is a model that enables us to impose order on the constant changeflux We all know that life is rapid change so WHY do we hold on to permanent truths The skeptics say that there is a way to live a happy life while knowing you are in constant fluxPolitics does not freeze thingswe should elect politicians who are flexible Changing your mind is not bad1 is Platos idealist cosmology2 is the skeptikois pragmatic and empirical path to a happy lifeWe can apply these when we philosophize about1 Identityis it an essence or a construct2 Commu
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