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Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

The Greek paradigm was the first paradigmthat of the beautiful city The Greeks were Pagans and the glue of their polities was philosophy idealism or natureCities were the paradigm because the Athenians really saw their city as the extent of civilization If you were not Athenian you were not good enough If Athens was the paradigm of the polity Rome was the paradigm of the empire The Metropolis was not just the mother city it was the centre of civilizationFrom this centre Roman power radiated out to the worldbigger was better The new exemplar was expansion until you built walls to limit the bounds of civilizationRoman power was seen and felt It was projected power that was increasingly dependent on military power to carry the symbolic power of the empire to its peripheryThe political unit is no longer Rome but the worldPolitics is now locally focused because people are so tired of being crushed by enormous economic interests People are bringing politics back to the local level where we can know each other directly and work together to create a city state1 We can find in St Augustine a critique and rejecti
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