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Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

the idea is that your ability to step back and think critically about politics and life is your personal freedom and powerthe point of theory is that it tells a storyyou must believe it to belongeg in America national healthcare could be seen as unAmerican1Plato Myth of the Metals Myth of Er2Aristotle Myth of the political animal3St Augustine The Creation Myth4St Thomas Aquinas 3 above and the myth of natural lawaEverything occurs in the Christian tradition5Machiavelli virtu Italian for manlinessmachismo fortuna everything is luck chance or guts and the cycle of regimes6Hobbes Locke Rousseau the myth of the social contract7Bentham the happiness myth 8John Stuart Mill the Darwinian evolutionist myth the story of progress making everything better9Karl Marx the myth of the producti
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