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September 25-Pre-Socratics, Materialism & Idealism, and Socrates.docx

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Political Science
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Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

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Language produces power and power produces paradigmsthe preSocratics asked what humans were made of what the stuff of the world wasprimitive materialismMaterialists what are you made ofIdealists what is your essence soulPlato is the most blatant idealist we all see different things philosophers gold see the cosmos the rest of us bronze see a marketplace all are essentialistswhat is the essence of humanity The goal of politics is to bring out that essenceAll theorists are looking for the core capabilities of human beingsThus the polis is the soul externalized and enlargedPlatoPolitics are us politics is usKey question what are you essentially what is your essenceWe must start by asking how politics relates to us rather than the reversePlato believes that reality is constant and unchanging change is bad because it shows imperfection BUT Heraclitus believes that there is constant change that there is no fixed ideal reality ph
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