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Political Science
Political Science 2244E
Peter Scapillato

Debate: Immigration September 25, 2013 American Profiles Vietnam War - 1945 Vietnamese announce independence. - 1954 Vietnam is split into North and South at the Geneva Conference. - 1959 weapons and men infiltrate the south. - 1960 Americans become involved and continue to increase. - 1964 North Vietnamese strike US ships. US authorize a response attack. - 1965 400 000 American troops. - 1966 500 000 American troops now serving. - 1969 President Nixon reduces troops after Vietnamese leader dies. Nixon’s advisors begin talks in Paris. A peace talk happens in 1973. - 1975 North troops invade the South, and Vietnamese troops withdraw from Cambodia 1989. - 1992 New constitution developed. Communism became the government in rule. - 1994 US lifts trade embargo, and full relations are soon restored. This happened during the Cold War. This was an incidence of containment (of Communism). Vietnam Syndrome: The US are war-weary – fear of going to war again. The Second Amendment: The Right to Bear Arms - The right of the people to bear arms. - While it was important during the Revolution and British occupation, it is questionably still necessary. - 3 notable and defining cases. PROS CONS - Without immigration, we - Those who cannot find jobs wouldn’t have diversity or the commit crimes to support their innovations that have brought us families (20% of inmates in jails). to where we are today. - Place a strain on government - Reform the American culture and resources – low, skilled, and have achiev
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