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Political Science
Political Science 2244E
P Ferguson

American Government and Politics September 26, 2012 -School House Rock The Preamble to the U.S. Constitution Key Principles of Government -Separation of Powers: between branches -The White House -The Congress -The Judiciary Key Principles II -Federalism: power divided between national and state governments Checks and Balances -remember that Separation of Powers deal with the 3 branches of the federal government -federalism deals with the relationship between the Federal Government and the state governments Bill of Rights -Why no Bill of Rights? -Amendments #1 to 10 -most of the states have their own bill of rights -no federal bill of rights -they were concerned that certain rights were not included in the list -Why did we get a Bill of Rights? -may states made it a condition of passing the Constitution that there would be a Bill of Rights -1. Freedom of Speech, Freedom ofAssembly, Freedom of Religion -2. Right to bear arms -New Government 1789-90 (President George Washington) -James Madison into Bill of Rights in first session -Modeled on VIR BoR Slavery -Not directly addressed in the Constitution...why not? -in the North and the South (mainly in the South) -many framers of Constitution owned slaves -if t
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