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Political Science
Political Science 2244E
P Ferguson

The Media January 9, 2013 Skip bureaucracy, go to federalism (w15, ch3) The Media -Love/hate -they love it because it’s the only way for them to get exposure -not just mainstream media; people on the left and people on the right hate media -e.g. Sarah Palin hated the media but now she works for the media -Feed the Beast -media has to turn product every single day -newspapers have to get news out every single day -media hounds you to get information -politicians feed the beast: they need reporters need news so they feed them news -Reporting or creating news? -no answer to this -how is it the media creating news or reporting news? -some generate news to sell newspapers The Media State? -The US as the world’s first “media state”? -each year, the averageAmerican adult spends 1824 hours at work, 2737 hours sleeping, 3256 hours exposed to the media in a year -average teen accepts 90 texts a day -Americans experience multiple media exposures simultaneously -pace of change is accelerating Who is the Media? -Media: newspapers, television, radio, web, newsmagazines -Most people’s knowledge of politics comes from the media -shifting sources -back then, people read newspapers to get news; now, people read news online -What is the “national media”? -back then, US national media were: NBC, CBS,ABC, New York Times, Washington Post, etc. -now: Daily Beast, Daily Kos (some traditional don’t exist) -Citizen journalists? Role of blogs, tweets? -e.g. media doesn’t actually go to city hall to watch proceedings; now it’s bloggers Newspapers -the decline of daily newspapers -number -subscribers -the decline of multi-paper cities -back then Los Angeles had the LATimes and LAExaminer – now, LAExaminer is gone -big corporations started buying small newspapers and combining them to make a big newspaper -readership for all ages: declining -print ads declining -classified ads declining News Magazines Hurting Too -Big 3 decline -US News and World Report, Times, and Newsweek -only Time still print, NW &USNWE e-only -Niche, opinion magazines holding their own -people still want that kind of information -e.g. TheAtlantic, New Yorker, The Economist -opinion makers -called niche for a reason - #s are still low -Effects? -investigative journalism... -expensive to have investigative journalism because you have people working days, weeks, months on a story Broadcast & Cable -decline of the “Big 3” -CBS, NBC,ABC -Fox a late addition -CNN ahead of Fox -Cable -Creation of the 24 hour news cycle -Audiences up then down -prime time audiences declining -pace of change is accelerating It’s all about Digital/Online -Audience growth -Rising importance in politics and elections -Victory lap: Sasha Eisenberg -the search for web-based news profits -the effects? -reduction in quality? -e.g. The Economist has an app and the articles there are really short – trying to make people to buy the article or magazine -sensationalism -e.g. newspapers post title like “Romney says let Detroit go bankrupt” – but once you read the article, he doesn’t actually say those words -reduction in diversity? -e.g. London Free Press: most of the articles are through wire -not a lot of people from LFP wrote the articles -new connections between voters and activists? -web has big growth -tv, radio newspapers declining -web keeps growing -how to monetize it? -e.g. YouTube videos: for every 1000 views, you get $2 Role of the National Press -press doesn’t tell you what to think -but there’s an agenda-setting role -Agenda Setting – what to think about -e.g. as you read more about China, then it makes you think more about China -because they report more about China – you read more about it – you think more about it -Priming – prepare public to take a view -reason that government leaks information -e.g. unnamed senior government official -government leaks information to media and media primes to public -e.g. nominate Secretary of State -Susan Rice’s name came up; people started attacking her record and she withdrew her nomination (but she wasn’t officially nominated) -Expectations – Hillary Rodham Clinton and primaries -made it like it was inevitable for HRC to win Iowa caucus -GWB post 9/11 speech – praised = support -Framing – how events are interpreted -WJC v Newt – government shutdown -how things were framed in debt crisis, how Democrats presented this: Republicans try
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