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Political Science
Political Science 2244E
P Ferguson

FederalismJanuary 16 2013Federalismchapter 3US government structure federalGovernment StructureFederalism government authority shared by national and local state governmentsshared sovereigntyUnitary system local governments are subservient to the national governmentLines of Power in Three Systems of GovernmentConfederationPower held by independent statesboth government and constituent governments act directly upon the citizensboth must agreeCentral government is a creature of the constituent governmentexamples United Kingdom CanadaA Federal Systemdivides power between the national and lower level governmentseach government has distinct powers that the other governments cannot overridewhile on paper this is how it looks in reality its messyeg Brazil Australia US Canada Germany India MexicoUS first federal systemdebate on who has more power either federal or statefirst 150 years states have more power Federalism A Bold New Planno historical precedentconstitutional contradictionsth10 amendmentafterthought Clarify limits of the national government powerstates get all powers not delegated to federal governmentnecessary and proper clause Article Icongress can make laws NPReality Changes over timedidnt really mean much until courts got involvedcourts major player in how powers allocate in USwhich branch has police powers Statelocal governments not mentioned anywhere in constitution
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