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Lecture 11

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Political Science
Political Science 2246E
Ross Gibbons

Lecture 11 Corporatism Modernity and Public Administrationchange upheaval excitementsimultaneous generation both of great wealth and widespread povertydevelopment of mass culture and educationrevolutionary challenges to capitalism The challenges of Modernitythe Public Sector and Public Administration expand to meet the challenges of Modernitynew problems health public transportation education policing fire protection social welfare employment defencetraditional sources of social welfare failmarkets have few solutions for these problemsWagners Law the public sectors of industrialized nations tend to increase in relative proportion to rises in per capita income Fordism and the Social Welfare StateWorld War One 19141918 an end to a world system where international trade and politics were dominated by states where inequality was commonfailure of the market to end the Great Depression led to the creation of the social welfare stateveteransand their familiesof the Second World War 19391945changed the face of politics in Canada and other countries by demanding a better future for following generation Managing a capitalist economyKeynesmonetary and fiscal instruments to manage national economiesthe Great Compromisewas struck between business government and labour to pursue high levels of employment and social services in a system which paid workers wellOntological security is provided by the social welfare stateFeeling secure and knowing why you are securePost 911 the new normalthe nervous middle classThe New Industrial StateJohn Kenneth Galbraitho large corporations increasingly tended to be disconnected from local communities o managed by a mobile group of executives with common managerial skills o competition limited or nonexistent in some sectors of the economyimprovements in communications technology o advantageous necessary and possible for transnational corporations to move their funds throughout world markets
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