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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 2246E
Ross Gibbons

Lecture 6 Budgets Part Two Ontario and its future BudgetsThe wideranging effort by Drummond a former TD Bank economist will prescribe ways to radically transform all manner of government services as Ontario faces a record debt and interest payments of 10 billion a yearalmost onequarter of the annual health budget Highlightsmost government ministries face steep cutsas much as 30 per centthings will have to be done differentlythere will be lots of angermore services will be moved onlineCollege and university courses may be taught in schools now vacant because of declining enrolmentProfessors will be teaching more classes and spending less time on research Some universities may be turned into teaching factories like community colleges People dont thank you for taking things awayThe attitude was always Were Ontario and the rest of you guys are running Popsicle standssmaller jurisdictions have to innovate because they never had deep pockets said DecterFormer Progressive Conservative premier Ernie Eves said Friday he doesnt envy his Liberal successor Dalton McGuinty heading a minority government and fighting the inevitable wars with entrenched interests to make the changes neededPart of the any governments consideration is are they going to be able to sell this to the public Budgets as a Management Device th Budgets are also a management deviceBudgeting was actually invented in the 19 century by thgovernmentsAs unbelievable as it may sound many 19 century business enterprises operated without budgets including major endeavours such as the transcontinental railroads Line budgets were the first and most rudimentary form of budgetingThey focus on expenditure and provide a policy comparison usually constructed as an incrementalbased review of previous years budget Line ItemsThe works well with relatively small simple organizations but has its problemso what changes should be made for the future o what has been accomplished by the budgeto how can we measure any accomplishmentmeasurement is critical for comparison costbenefits
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