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Lecture 10

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Political Science
Political Science 2246E
Ross Gibbons

Lecture 10 Crossing the Picket Line and Representative Bureaucracy Crossing the Picket LineThe Actors o ADM Colin Hammerston o DG Vaugh Lester o Manager Carol Windsor o Local Union President Casey HarrisonThe issue o Following your conscience o The consequencesThe Right to Strike in essential servicesUnion and management strike tacticsGrievance procedures during a strikeIs the extended strike in the interest of either partySenior managers left turned away by a picket line of postal workers On the Picket Line1941 Ford strike pickets find a scabLos angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa pulld out as keynote speaker Representative Bureaucracyan apparent conflict between the principle of merit and the principle of representationthe argument for representative bureaucracy 1 public servants exercise significant power in the political system 2 external controls are not sufficient to check bureaucratic power and ensure responsible and accountable behaviour 3 a representative public service will be responsive to the needs and interests of the general publicproblem a representative bureaucracy may not be responsive a responsive bureaucracy may not be representativethis is supported by some assumptions aboutpossible conflict between public service values and values of the total populationpublic service values reflect the socialization received before entry eg middle class values from family education social class race etcvalues are not likely to be modified by exposure to bureaucratic valuesearly values will then determine behaviour within the public serviceresponsive behaviour through representation both in policy development and program delivery Research on representation
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