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Lecture 9

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Political Science
Political Science 2246E
Ross Gibbons

Lecture 9 Horizontality and Management of Information and Protection of PrivacyHorizontalitypublic opinion polls continue to indicate a strong preference among Canadians for an active welfare statewe also want fiscal prudence from governments who deliver services more effectivelywe also tell pollsters that we are not necessarily committed to the delivery of welfare state services by the state itselfhorizontality is essential for fiscal prudence and effective and efficient delivery of services The Siloa silo is a pit or tall cylindrical structure that can be made airtight for storing grain or guided missilesa shelter a Spanish termgovernment departments are like siloso they shelter careers programs and budgets o they tend to act in their departmental interestthe downside public s and the resources of the public service may be used to duplicate work and to work at cross purposescitizens who want to access services or to make policy inputs may encounter barriers and experience frustration Horizontality and Coordination coordinating the activities between silos at the federal level was once a relatively simple job could be accomplished by the joint efforts of Deputy Ministers and the Cabinetfederal provincial and local silos did not prevent or discourage coordinationprovided governments were not too complicated and the services they provided were fairly limitedthe principle of horizontality encouraging interaction among departments across levels of government and even between governments and nongovernmental actors Kernaghan and Siegel pg 301 Goal improving service to the client or customer Obstaclesbuilding trust requiresSharing requirescooperating with your adversaries requiresfeatures of Hendersons love economy Success
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