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Lecture 5

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Political Science
Political Science 2246E
Ross Gibbons

Lecture 5 Public Administration and the Management of MoneyIntroductionscarcity and diversity o diversity issues such as one group or another having privileged access to jobs or programs are linked to scarcity of resources and money o Diversity is a greater issue when economic conditions are poorFederalprovinciallocal conflict is often about moneyo who raises the taxes and risks lower popularity o who spends the taxes and gets the credit for the programs and benefits provided an important element of policy making o Governments spend money on things they think are important o budget process is the most important way of priorizing government behaviour BudgetsBudgets are supposed to be a management tool odevices for ensuring that money is spent as originally approved o devices for ensuring that money is spent efficiently and effectively o devices for comparing and evaluating the desirability of maintaining current programs and creating new ones Despite neoconservativeneoliberal governments and the new public management most governments spend more than their predecessors Fiscal FederalismFederalism is a form of governmental structure intended to bring the benefits of a larger state to peoples divided by at least one significant cleavagelanguage region ethnicity economic resources economic disparityFederal states are bound together by historyGeographyflags symbols and mythsinstitutions including social policy and programs Federal Provincial Financingfinancing relationships between the federal and provincial governments including the evolutionary pattern which led to the current relationships changes in the relationship and suggestions of its next destination Origins of fiscal federalism
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