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Political Science
Political Science 3201F/G
Dan Bousfield

INTERNATIONAL LAW AND HUMAN RIGHTS •states of exception • - rise of modern nation and a people - states of emergency • •Bush Doctrine •HUMAN RIGHTS •core of current international system •postwar system of human rights • - integral imposition on state sovereignty emergence of human rights movements • • - from abstract to engaged principles •different than the ICC • - state and institutional mechanisms •LEAGUE SYSTEM •no protection of human rights ILO improving working conditions • •UN CHARTER •- human rights and fundamental freedoms • - did not define what they were, contradicted state sovereignty •ESOSOC authority to establish standing commissions •Principles and SC don't mention human rights December 10 1948 Universal Declaration - common standard for all peoples • and nations •COLD WAR CONTEXT •key initial debates - apartheid, treatment of colonial peoples, forced labour under communism •general assembly passes HR resolutions - Israel, UN decade for women, decade for HR education, rights of child, • dicriminationand violence against women •What is better system of work? • - guaranteed income, specified full employment • - perpetual unemployment, varying incomes • - reserve pool of labour, extreme disparities of wealth EVOLVING CONTEXTS • •security council • - no link between security issues and human rights during Cold War •persistent them in post cold war •ECOSOC - studies, reports and recommendations • - commission on HR and sub-commission on the protection and promotion of HR •GENERATIONS OF RIGHTS •first gen - civil and pol rights • - negative righ
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