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Political Science
Political Science 3201F/G
Dan Bousfield

INTERNATIONAL LAW • not just international law per se its how the ramifications • core ideas - then a tonne of topics we won't get to • readings are at • participation: email on the day of lecture - 250 word response to readings • Must say POLS 3201 Response Paper - Student Name - Student Number • facebook group, not required but useful, good for study groups for the final exam • OWL - post messages • Minute Papers - honest reflection, only if we want to • presentation - 12.5, paired and we choose each side • wants to approve the final essay topic • 12 page maximum, look at drafts before March 20th • check out criteria in course outline • due April 10th - link your class material to the essay FINAL EXAM • we pick the terms and essays • study guide in advance WHAT IS LAW • the law is only 20% effective - only gets 1/5 of the people who commit crimes when we think about law and states using law we have to think of our standard of • effectiveness • states don't always act in the interests of their people • false flag is an attack on your own people in order to wage a war on another country • thinking about the character of law - espec
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