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Political Science
Political Science 3201F/G
Dan Bousfield

PRIMER THROUGH OPRAH •biologically consistent - considered natural 1 in 2000 • - not the same - there is no single intersex condition socially constructed • • - was unremarkable part of human societies • - start showing up because doctors notice for other reasons become concerned • - west love binaries • - france - homaphrodites forces into gender roles to prevent deviant lifestyles •discovery of homosexuality by doctors - search for cure GENDER •assigned roles based on assumptions and characteristics •feminism as implicating gender in all practices - non-discussion is indicative of gender roles • •framework to assess the frameworks of international law •important contributions to international law • - convention on status of women • - alliances of countries •reason over weak rational faith - domination over nature • •hierarchy based in power rather than God STATISM •Weber - a state is a human community that successfully claims the monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force within a given territory - claims are not always successful - open to contestation and struggle • • - conceptualizes resistance within the very concept of the state •in international law legitimacy, becomes key to recognition • - importance of the rights of minorities • - democratically representative • - there is a shift toward democracy as norm and practice internationally STATE AS INDIVIDUAL •state as a physical body analogous to an individual • - relations envisioned as male • - violations as penetrations and violations - individuals as non-reproductive - normal processes of self governance • • state as individual private property • - home family versus work • = torture central in post WW2 era • - corporations as private in international law • - humanitarian tradition vs non intervention - - domestic abuse vs monopoly of violence • • - - facebook as normal progression of non-invasion • Kantian Ideal • = respecting human rights and legitimate democratic representation = full international citizen • - illegitimate states = some rights but not full international citizen • - international law rejects the framework that denies human rights of sub state actors and individuals • - - gender is not explicit, but the structures exist to be utilized ACTUALLY EXISTING INTERNATIONAL PRACTICES • limited numbers of women in positions of power • - male norms functioning is the standard • - few women in foreign service and international organizations • gender norms as an impediment to democracy • - weak feminism: institute proportional representation - strong feminism: the necessity of women's structures/voices/frameworks • ROLE OF CIVIL SOCIE
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