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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 3314E
Radoslav Dimitrov

Durban, South Africa- 2011 Lots of finalization -Durban marked a historic milestone in the change of China’s position. - Their views of only concentrating on the west changed in Durban, when china announced to the media 5 conditions under which they will accept a legally binding treaty. - In Chinese culture, that was their way to break the news while ensuring something in return: IE a negotiating tactic. Regardless, the signal that they where willing to adopt legally binding principles was huge news, and was great news. -China’s turn towards a global treaty= “this could be the big break through” -India most hard-line among BASICS: just as China made positive concessions India took the opposite route. -India would give products to rest of the world, while keeping international property rights. -Western countries have taken so many concessions to shoulder the burden to developing countries, but up until Copenhagen there was absolutely nothing done in return. - Russians where stepping on eggs (western countries where very gentle) , as fear of developing countries choosing to leave at anytime was a possibility. Durban Outcomes Canada is leaving the Kyoto protocol: right at the time that China is starting to join in.  replacing the black sheep. Replaces focus on developing world back to the Western world. Canadian move was interpreted widely as an attack on the UN negotiations themselves: just as the UN makes huge headw
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