The Clash of Civilizations

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Political Science
Political Science 3314E
Radoslav Dimitrov

The clash of civilizations Critical Issues He can be criticized for a number of points A his definiton of civilization is too broad you can fit almost anything in it This becomes very clear when you look at the exact list of what he believes is a culture The distinct grouping of say Africa a group of 53 coutnries as one culture and Japan a single country as separate one So what exactly is the basis of his definiton Islam is a culture so that suggests religion is one main factor however why is south America different to the westOne thing that emerges in his writing is that he is profoundly troubled by the phenomenal success of the asian countries Development as a threatThis is a problem as opposed to something to celebrate Identity versus policy AntiWest or antiUS Description of politics or acts of politcs Is he being political in his theory He is drawing a dichotomous frontline that has the potential to incite countries a
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