International Policy Developments

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Political Science
Political Science 3314E
Radoslav Dimitrov

International policy developmentsKey negotiation issues 1 Emission targets for developed countries Greenhouse gasses and which country needs to reduce by how much The EU has been aiming for a science based targetready to go to 30 if other big emitters pledge to do the same Some other countries like US Canada are against such notions entirely they do not want to commit 2Terms of participation by developing countries Not countries like Tanzania but China India and Brazil2007China and others acknowledged that they must reduce their emissions too Now what is on the table is what exactly are the terms will they be numerically bound will thye have to report etc 3 Financial and technical supportlevels and mechanisms Who pays for it Brazil will agree so long as someone else fronts the bill 4 Number of new international treaties5 Mitigation policy options Key Poistions 1The European UnionFull throttle they want the most stringent policy they want the west to pay the most with china india to follow2 The USGo it alone This was the case during bush administration under Obama they are more active they want a multilateral treaty however this could just be lipservice 3 J
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