Religion in World Politics Lecture Notes

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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 3314E
Radoslav Dimitrov

Religion in World Politics POL 3352 Advanced IR November 10 2011Rise of Religious Fundamentalism Religion has a more prominent role in the world Religion is a motivator of human behavior especially in politicsTopics Basic Content of major religions Key teaching in religions Original teachings versus evolved organized religion Attributes of Religion Mysticism religion is thought of something other then rationality Ritual Highly organized Authority in almost all religions there are types of hierarchiesSpeculation Whence we come why are we herecreation of the universe Conclusion True Religion begins with the quest for meaning and value beyond self centeredness Smith 19Hinduism One of the oldest religions Hinduism is about a questSocial success is WealthFrame Power Yet individuals who get this things are unhappy and dissatisfied All individuals focus on duties Hinduisms believes you can get everything you want if you channel yourself and put forth an energy that will get you there You can have what you wantthe way to achieve happiness is to achieve unity with god Karma the moral law of cause and effect
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