International Policy Developments

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Political Science
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Political Science 3314E
Radoslav Dimitrov

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International Policy Developments September 29th 2011Current international negotiations Policy developments in key countries Policy implications for CanadaKey Negotiation Issues Emission targets for developed countries The US and Canada dont really want to commit to anything Terms of participation by developing countries 2008 China had the biggest emissions All Western countries want a commitment from the developing countries There was a turning when China and India recognized that they needed to do something regarding their emissions Financial and technical support levels and mechanismNumbers of new international treaties The West still needs to take most of the burden The debate who is responsible and who should take more of the action everyone knows historical the West created the problem Today because 50 of emission are from the developing world we need them on board Mitigation policy options Adaptation versus Mitigation Cut emissions or save people Key Positions The European Union Full Throttle The US Go it aloneSince Obama has become president the US has become a lot more cooperative and engaged Japan UTurn 6080 cuts 2050
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