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Political Science
Political Science 3314E
Radoslav Dimitrov

AFRICAN POLITICSMarch 29 2012 CONDITIONSDifferences between North Africa and SubSaharan Africain terms of wealth diversityPer capita income today is lower than in the 1970s part of this is because of population growtheconomic growth has not improved350 million live on less than 1 a dayCorruption costs 150 billion per yearViolent conflict incidenceprimarily interstate conflict1996 alone 11 distinct violent conflictssecurity and economic development issues FOREIGN AIDLevels and types of aidon average 50 billion dollars goes to the region since 1960s of financial aid exceeds 1 trillion dollars Ramifications of indebtednessForeign aid is a phenomena and there are varies theoretical questions as to why it happensmoral vision in world politicsThe reason why people give this money is because of norms
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