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Political Science
Political Science 3314E
Radoslav Dimitrov

ISRAELIPALESTINE CONFLICT March 15 2012 PALESTINE TERRORISMSuicide attacksRocket attacksapprox 8600 attacks in Jan of 2009The actual damage that these rockets have done is surprisingly small because of the primitive knowledge and construction of the rockets themselves but the psychological ramifications are highLarge numbers of PTSD in children because of this Need to look at the level of public support it changes in Palestine over the years Recently newer studies show that Palestinian civilians up to 80 disapprove There is a very high security threat government is promising to address itThe policy responses Palestine has chosen is hard linedIsrael is also on the hard line side and they have set up an enormous amount of checkpoints to monitor the movement of Palestinians there is a lot of resentment towards thesePalestinians have been so severely restricted they sometimes cannot even go to workISRAELS WAR ON GAZA 2006
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