Politics of a City

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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 3364F/G
Timothy Cobban

THE POLITICS OF CITIES PARTIES AND ELECTIONS  Attacks on politics or partisanship often masks objections to the use of political power to counteract inequalities in the social or economic spheres  Machine bosses professionalized patronage focusing it on the party rather than on the individual patron, while keeping contacts on a personal basis  The machine thrived on corruption and the systematic plunder of public and private funds  Barriers were thus formed to socialist politics while trade unions were opposed b the machines at least until the 1930s  Socialist movements more common in European cities and in the Canadian west aimed to mobilize the newly enfranchised working class for social equality and control over the economy  The left generally came to believe that only strong national government could assert control over economic forces and mobilize the resources needed to achieve social equality  The rise of machines and the advance of socialism were both seen as a problem by sections of the business community and much of the professional middle class  Only one best way to run any organization to be discovered by rational inquiry. The reform movement sought to reduce the scope of politics by enhancing the role of qualified career professionals leaving elected members responsible only for broad policy issues  Fragmentation of jurisdictions served further to contain lower class and minority e
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