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Political Science
Political Science 3364F/G
Timothy Cobban

URBAN POLITICAL ANALYSIS Writing Assignment for next week: doesn't have to be a formal paper, not required list of sources. write in sentences etc. LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS MUNICIPALITIES • all politics are local, rooted in the individual government is to serve the individual • federal: local refers to any government whose territory to that of a province to which it is located within • most important characteristic of local government in anglo saxon countries is that they are not part of the state. Municipalities are only listed as a competence of the provincial government, common way of phrasing this is that local government are creatures of the province • mechanism through with this happens is created through provincial governments, they can create and kill them as they see fit • local governments are not sovereign in any way - they are subject to the sovereignty of provincial governments and they are bound by the features of the sovereign • they get created through provincial government - includes a variety of institutions that are linked in many different ways. familiar with municipalities single tier municipalities London, Toronto etc. • most of canada and metropolitan areas cover the big cities - parts of ontario, quebec and BC there are two levels in relations eg. government of cambridge vs the region of waterloo • two tier municipal arrangement occurs in many rural areas like townships and counties • villages, cities, townships etc have different levels of powers - this is no longer the case and they can all do the same thing • purpose bodies: police services, education services - these are not run by the mayor or anything but they are run by another board, they are not municipal employees • not about politics of central cities but also a mess
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