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Political Science
Political Science 3364F/G
Timothy Cobban

STRUCTURES OF URBAN GOVERNMENT AND HOW THEY DEVELOP • in the US and Canada the defaults were counties and townships, subdivide themselves into structures of local government • urban areas received their own governments, when the structures were first laid down the boundaries were laid out very tightly around these urban centers because their needs were greater • the dominant thread is toward greater urbanization, the populations are now leap frogging into rural municipalities - the dominant response was the stretch the urban limits out • some of the rural areas were provided with very primitive social services, provinces just let urban areas absorb the fringe and they would get better services too • individuals would locate just outside the city so that they could take advantage of the services within the city without having to pay the taxes associated with living in the city • the position of the governments was the let the villages decide for themselves whether they wanted to be part of the city itself • however in the early 1900s as the cost of new technologies fell they no longer needed the services that the city would provide • dominant paradigm in the early 1900s was that there were independent suburbs outside the cities that didn't want to be included called modern industrial suburbs • garden suburbs: rich powerful elites who moved out of the corrupt cities to avoid large property taxes but still worked in the cities • independent cities were refusing to be amalgamated; the first forcible restructuring of a city with urban areas was in ontario with windsor - the outside cities were defaulting on the loans that were borrowed by the cities - similar structures throughout north america sharp divergence occurs with toronto in 1953 - sharp increase in urbanization after the • war - suburbans municipalities can afford not to amalgamate because the outside needed access to lake ontario - first municipal and federal government in one city was in
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