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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 3364F/G
Timothy Cobban

POLITICAL REPRESENTATION • corruption running rampant in places without political parties - machine politics • community power debates - beginning is 1940s • just because someone has reputational power does not mean they have legitimate power that they can exercise it WHO GOVERNS • Dahl studied politics in New Haven - you have to witness people using power, concerned with social and economic implications of this, an elitist system was created based on reputation founded that no one group could be seen to dominate all the different policy areas, • there were different coalitions of powers and lobbyist groups that we prominant - found that democracy was still relevant a pluralistic society TWO FACES OF POWER - bacharach and baratz • Dahl misunderstood the power a making b do something in as interest • mobilization of bias, a because they hold power never gives any interest to the interest of b - won't even consider certain issues especially concerning social issues • two faces one you can see than the one you can't THREE FACES OF POWER • Lukes - you do something to get b to never even realize their interests • the closest you can get to this idea is marx's class consciousness this ended the community power debate and power • • no longer a question of who governs but the idea that does anyone legitimately govern • Stone: urban regimes: the idea that the city is structurally limited, municipalities have limited po
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