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Lecture 6

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Political Science
Political Science 3364F/G
Timothy Cobban

CONNECTION OF BUSINESS TO THE LOCAL STATE Growth Machine Model • idea that the city is pursuing growth at all costs • conceptualizes the use and value of land - seek to profit • intensification of use of the land - this is what drives the apparatus behind the model in Canada this is far more muted than in the US - however it does seem that business • still largely get its way - municipalities are favourtist toward land developing businesses • local governments are the principle regulators of land use and this is done through large oversight with provincial and some federal regulation • quasi court - any municipal land use decision can be appealed to the Ontario Municipal board - they are the final arbiters • historical perspective is how municipalities regulate local government, do so through zoning - myriad of codes that apply. and many are stringently written new plans - have to go through the rezoning process • capital infrastructure - how or whether or not growth pays for itself. pace and scale of urban was dictated through the local government - this was due to economy. but people got frustrated with this • this started to become privatized and this freed up development to a degree but this raised the overall costs under this model -
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