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Nigmendra Narain

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READINGS WEEK 19SNOW CHAPTER 14 INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION PRECISImmigration is a large important and controversial contemporary phenomenonAs some immigrants are repatriated and others leave voluntarily or flee their native landsUS is a quintessential immigrant state PARAMETERS OF IMMIGRATIONInternational immigrant is a person who stays outside his usual country of residence for at least one yearUS Mexican case Irregular Immigrants those who enter a country without proper authorization or who have violated the terms of stay of the authorization they hold including overstayingA special category of immigrants are refugeesforcibly displaced people internally displaced persons or IDPs refugees within their own countries asylum seekers people who have sought international protection but whose applications have not been acted uponThose who seek refugee status often come from developing countries International and internal refugees are most prominently associated with conflict zones and especially civil conflicts IMMIGRATION MOTIVATIONS AND FUNCTIONSThe most obviousreason for international migration is the improve ones living conditions by relocationHistories most dramatic migrations have had political upheaval as an underlying themeTo the extent that population growth exceeds a societies employment potential the probability is very high that people will move to other countries in search of jobsHighly skilled workersthese workers generally highly educated and possessing scientific or engineering expertise at the cutting edge of the global economy are the subject of socalled brain drains In the majority of advanced economies migrant workers are overrepresented in agriculture constructions manufacturing and servicesespecially food hospitality and domestic servicesThe work magnet that stimulates illegal immigration
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