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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 3366E
Nigmendra Narain

IMMIGRATIONUS MEXICO BORDER February 14 2012 DEFINITIONSImmigrant physically leaves place of birth for new geographical settlement location 200 million immigrants per year globallyNegative number for number of home births but growing number because of immigrantsInternational immigrant a person who stays outside his usual country of residence for at least one yearCant have a continuous 6 months away or you start to lose citizenship rights Reasons why someone would leaveVoluntaryRepatriationwhere groups of people leave a certain area to return to the place that they lived before Nonvoluntaryyou may face discrimination or you cant work in your chosen area any longer Fleeescapegenerally consider these people refugees Regular ImmigrantsMigrated through legal legitimate channels into a different state Recognized by a host governmentthese people are allowed all the same rights as a regular citizen except if they commit a crime or some voting rightsHost governments usually prioritize certain skills talents etc IrregularIllegal ImmigrantsEnter a state without proper authorization Fail to exit a state when authorization is no longer valid RefugeesUNHCRforcibly displaced people42 million refugeesInternally displaced persons26 million Population PatternsDeveloping growingemigrantsDeveloped decliningimmigrants
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