Non-western conceptions of HR

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Political Science
Political Science 3388E
Jennifer Mustapha

International Human Rights October 25, 2012 “non-western” conceptions of Human Rights? > looking back - human rights are: - modern: links human rights to western experience > Donnelly’s position: - radical cultural relativism - strong cultural Traditional societies: - and pre-modern western societies had similar problems with HRS - liberal human rights perception - typically had elaborate system of duties - had notions of justice, recognized human dignity – but it wasn’t a true discourse - BUT these were alternatives to HRs , different concepts of human dignity but weren’t human rights - no one had rights against unjust rulers examples: Muslim society - mechanisms and provisions for justice and human dignity should not be confused with a concern for, or recognition of human rights Donnelly cautions: - human dignity does not equal human rights Donnelly’s requirements to ensure HR: - objective standards of relevance - accountability - HR means to recognize human dignity Donnelly rejects… 1. “anything goes” attitude 2. Cultural/traditional legacies that promote inequality Concept/ Interpretation/ Implementation –
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