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HR and Development

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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 3388E
James S Quinn

Human Rights and Development Song: We are the world January 21, 2010 12:32 PM Definitions • Human Rights o A Justified claim on someone for something that is owed • Development - Amartya Sen o Expanding human capabilities to allow individuals to be and do the things they value Donnelly • Human rights and development were completely separate for a long time o ECOCOC vs CIVPOL rights • 1950s-1980s o Development was thought of in very economic terms • Thought of as redistributing wealth o Economists take people out of the equations • Focused on macroeconomics o 1970s • Began to be micro-oriented  And much more multidisciplinary • Influenced by neo-Marxist theories o 1987: UNICEF report emphasizing social, environmental involvement • Development had to come from the bottom up • 1990s o State intervention • Necessary • Desirable  Would ensure human development and the improvement of human resources o Good Governance • The way in which democracy is carried out • Democracy has always been a given in development • Places institutional change and people's interests on the table o Development is a right • Field began to consider both ECOSOC + CIVPOL rights • Development as a right from the bottom up  Not just when the state felt like it, but as a popular movement • Human Rights & Development o Are intertwined and indivisible • Development, as a process, can help to fulfill people's human rights o Human dignity (development) depends on the realization of an individual's human rights • Undergirded by the same things Rooted in justice   Interest in regulating power o Combined, argue for: • Specific rights should become entitlements  EX: food security • Human rights contribute to empowerment  EX: the right of labour to organize • 2000 o M
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