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Lecture 6

Readings Week 6: Online 2

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Political Science
Political Science 3388E
Jennifer Mustapha

Readings Week 6 OnlineJames UNIVERSAL CONCEPTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS y Universal human rights grounded in some conception of universal human nature y Attractiveness of cultural relativism is derived from its apparent antiimperialism tolerance and cultural egalitarianismy Cultural relativism claims that each culture has a way of life that is equal validity to all others and that moral claims deriving outside any particular culture have no validity within it y Cant rank cultures as equal or unequal with respect to certain practices but simply note that values are derived endogenously y Human rights are universal but not absolute in their application to various cultures FEMALE CIRCUMCISION y Female genial operations pose a problem for the human rights proponent seeking to avoid ethnocentrism y Prescribed in various countries as a vital cultural tradition is a euphemism which has only the remotest similarity with male circumcision in terms of its physical effects y Instruments rarely sterilized prior to the operatio
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