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Lecture 6

Readings Week 6: Online

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Political Science
Political Science 3388E
Jennifer Mustapha

Readings Week 6 OnlineCarastanis BOUCHARD TAYLOR COMMISSION ON GENDER EQUALITY y Reasonable accommodation in Quebec has prompted a great deal of commentary on the relationship between gender equality and freedom of religion y Quebec charter be amended so that gender equality is given relative priority over the right to religious expression WHY A FEMINIST ISSUE y War on terror this radicalized imagery is very important as there is a need to have established identifiable enemy who is supposedly threatening western values y Increasing number of feminists have expressed concerns regarding various state interventions on behalf of the disempowered foreign woman REASONABLE ACCOMODATION IN QUEBEC DIALOGUE y Astounding how many people who identify themselves as profeminist are expressed the need to save women from the hijab limits to multiculturalism y Problematic to talk about secularism in a seemingly neutral way as it ignores the foundations
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