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Lecture 5

Readings Week 5: Orend

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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 3388E
Jennifer Mustapha

Readings Week 5 Orend WHAT JUSTIFIES HUMAN RIGHTS y Each of us commits to doing our own fair part in ensuring that the human rights of others gets satisfied y Such forfeiture must still be proportional to the degree of human rights violation and so complete forfeiture is truly an extraordinary event ELEMENTS OF GOOD JUSTIFICATION y Ethics and politics dont afford the same kind of rigorous proof standards that math and science demand y Its wrong to hold ethics and politics to the same exact standards of justification as are used in math and science y Philosophers have referred to such an infinite regress that we finite creatures with lives to lead and choices to make should avoid justifications for human rights y On a conception of human nature that assumes a set of vital needs we all share and a core principle that its deeply and manifestly wrong to conflict harm on people in connection with their vital needs y Philosophers tended to focus on discovering the one true principle and then deducing human rights from that principley Exceptional pains to show that one only works while all other competing justifications must fall to the side NEED TO JUSTIFY HUMAN RIGHTS AT ALL y Richard Rorty believes that we can do very little by way of reasoned argument to change the beliefs and behaviour of a hard hearted human rights violator y Extols the virtues of providing a sentimental education exposing people to the realities of life those who are different from them with the aim of manipulating their sentiments in line with respect for human rights y An enlightenment utopiaa liberal democracy that is rights respecting and humane secure secular prosperous and committed to the general welfare in terms of key social cpods like education and health care y Rorty underestimates the degree to which we can be responsive to a reasonable justification and overestimates the degree to which we can be manipulated according to our sentimental dispositions When we confronted with a reasonable justification for a claim usually with further considerationy Its harder to set aside appeals t consistency clarity and reasonableness
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