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Lecture 4

Readings Week 4: Goodhardt

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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 3388E
Jennifer Mustapha

Readings Week 4 Goodhardt HUMAN RIGHTS IN INTERNATIONAL LAW INTRO y Strong argument for human rights being regarded as a distinct branch of international law as respect for human rights is not a primary characteristic of interstate obligations y Rights are normally tabulated in a legal binding format as a treaty y Most enforceable human rights are expressed in treaties primarily multilateral treatiesy Without consensus no treaty can become laws be embedded into normal state practice or be internationally monitored or enforced y Political will is a factor in monitoring and enforcing international human rights HISTORICAL EVALUATION y Most religious texts promulgate certain rights and freedoms and followers assuming they adhere to the codes for life enshrined in the tenets of faith y Series of bilateral treaties legally binding arguments between 2 countries y By which the 2 states involved agreed to prevent their subjects from engaged in the slave trade y Under the auspices of the LON a slavery commission was established and a 1926 Slavery Convention adopted y Humanit
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