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Lecture 3

Readings Week 3: Goodhardt

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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 3388E
Jennifer Mustapha

Readings Week 3 Goodhardt THE EMERGENCE OF RIGHTS LANGUAGE y Rights language developed gradually through Western political history enlightenment y Natural law after the rise of Christianity became associated with the Church y People had duties to one another and to God rights were derived from the duties we owed one another under God y The rights of man subversive ideas gained critical influence they began to appear in the political documents known as rights declarations REVOUTIONARY USES OF HUMAN RIGHTS y It was the demand for freedom that led American colonists to revolt against their British masters y American Revolutionary Warall men are born fair and equal y These declarations encapsulate what we now call liberal democracy PHILOSOPHICAL QUESTIONS y Period in which the early rights theorizing occurred was also the period in which Christian theism gradually lost its hold on the allegiance of the philosophyy Natural rights that could be derived from our natural humanity not from Gods natural lawidea became more politically officious EARLY CRITICS OF RIGHTS y Attacks came from conservatives liberals and socialists y Burkes rejected the idea that rights were natural that they existed as an Archimedean point beyond government by which government could be judgedy Man had rights because of the organic traditions and institutions of his society y Bentham declared in natural rights is simple nonsensenatural and imprescriptibly rights rhetorical nonsensenonsense upon stilts y Unreal metaphysical phenomena one should speak of the reform of actual rights and lawsnot fanciful ones y Radicals criticized the rights of the bourgeois man MODERN HUMAN RIGHTS y Jewish holocaustmoral shock response of the collective western social imaginationreturn to the natural law
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