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Lecture 4

Week 4 Donnelly

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Political Science
Political Science 3388E
Jennifer Mustapha

Readings Week 4 Donnelly 1 INTERNATIONAL REGIMES y Regime norms standards or rules may run from fully international to entirely national y Decision making procedures in international regimes can be roughly groups into enforcement implementation and promotional activities y International enforcement involves binding international decision makingy International implementation includes monitoring procedures and policy coordination y International promotion involves encouraging or assisting in national implementation of international norms 2 GLOBAL HUMAN RIGHTS REGIME y Enforcement means making publicly available the evidence that has been acquired y The commission is composed of state representatives not independent experts y Commissions global or thematic procedures involving working groups and special rapporteurs on a wide range of topics y Has also given considerable attention to particular vulnerable groups y Commission also addresses human rights situations in individual countries y Country rapportuers are individual experts who report to the commission y Commission was never intended to have enforcement powers y The second principle body is human rights committee y 18 independent experts monitor compliance with the international covenant on civil and political rights y Doesnt formally judge or evaluate state practicesprovoked minor change in national law y The reporting procedure involves only information exchange and the weakest monitoringy Participation is entirely voluntary y The office of the UN High Commissionerfor Human Rights generalizes the investigationadvocacy approach y Has the global reach of the commission without cumbersome procedures may deal directly with governments to seek improved respect for internationally recognized human rightsy A fairly extensive system of technical assistance and cooperation has also become institutionalised
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