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Lecture 2

Readings Week 2: Orend 2

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Political Science
Political Science 3388E
Jennifer Mustapha

Readings Week Two Textbook Orend HUMAN y Right holder very simply is the person who has the right in questiony All human beings have or hold human rightsy Fail grasp or respectfully the twin commitments to universality and to a form of equality inherent in the human rights idea y Denying the humanity of the hated persons dislodges both conscience and sensitivity which normally prevents innocent people from being brutalized y Rights 1 That which is morally or socially correct or just fair treatment 2 A justification or fair claim 3 A thing one may legally or morally claim the state of being entitled to a provledge or immunity or authority to act y Central is being entitled to something y Have a right is to have something more specific and meaningful than abstract rightness on ones side y A right is justified claim on someone or on some institution for something which one is owned y A human right is not a property of persons rather its a reason to treat persons in certain ways y The difference between a dated and discredited theory of natural rights and a more compelling and contemporary theory of human rightsy John Locke tried to suggest that human or natural rights are nonvisible properties of personhood y The metaphysical option and to accept instead one rooted in moral reasoningy We should reject the assumption that the human rights are properties of persons woven into the very fabric of our being y To view rights as natural properties is to mistakenly mix up a fact with a value y Not facts about us rather they are all values committing to us to treat each others in ways we think we deserve y Dont describe nature rather they prescribe our behavioury A rights claim beats such competing social values as the growth of the economy of happiness of the majority
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