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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 3388E
Jennifer Mustapha

HUMAN RIGHTS IMPERIALISMFebruary 13 2012 SINGERS PROSPECTIVE AS AN ANALYSISOne world perspective common welfare of animals and human beings Wants to import aspects of moral impartiality impartial utilitarianismConception of what it would mean to address these problems is global governance Reformed versions of institutions Agent of change technocratic experts that change policies and institutions Attaches very little significance to national boundaries have no moral importance only to enhance stability at the lower end of the social spectrum HUMANITARIAN INTERVENTIONVery vague description of the problem but you have a government that is not willing to fix it so that other countries have a responsibility to protect the people of the country from their leaders no permission National boundaries only matter if they enhance human welfare at the low end of the scale then they have moral significance But it cant be independent because he wants every government to be concerned with all people As
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