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Political Science
Political Science 3388E
Jennifer Mustapha

HUMAN RIGHTS SEX GENDER AND SEXUALITYFebruary 9 2012 INTRODUCTIONVery problematic to group womens rights with GLBT rights Discussions on womens rights and LGBT rights relate very differently to human rightsRights questions around gender and sex have far reaching implications for all things WHAT IS GENDERsex is between the legs gender is between the ears sex is biological gender is socialbiological and physical sex is not as binary as those who identify themselves by genderGender socially constructed roles behaviours attitudes and values which communities and societies consider appropriate for men and womenarray of concepts we associate with masculinity and femininityAlthough we tend to think of sex prescribing gender there are a lot of overlaps but ontologically gender and biological sex dont have to overlap at all as is social orientation GENDER EXPECTATIONSExpectations of physical contact between peopl
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