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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 3398F/G
Richard Vande Wetering

Essay Appointment: identify about a country, and which theorist we will use to discuss the country - discuss a series of questions room 4143 REALISM - KAPLAN • realism believe that scarcity cannot be overcome, and Kaplan believes that it will become even more of a problem because the worlds resources are will become more scarce • believes that we can't have a world government because we will always end up in a civil war - Waltz • certain pessimism he holds and also he is not impressed by the democracy trend that is emerging and doesn't believe that it is a road to peace - believes that humans are aggressive • concern about strong institutions actually having the ability to control parts of the world American hegemony - believes it will be a mere sight better than west africa - 2100 will • see the dissolution of the USA - thinks the USA will split into 3 or 4 countries. Quebec will separate and the rest of Canada will join the United States • believes that the state will die because of clashing cultures that create political instability • the coming anarchy will cause organized crime and more privatization of security, and ethnic groups will rise to the center of power, religion will join it WEST AFRICA • a realist now says that it will start as states as the only instituti
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