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Political Science
Political Science 3398F/G
Richard Vande Wetering

AFRICAN POLITICS - MBEMBE • nothingness - after the post colonial period there was something left of traditionalism in Africa • the wests obsession with non being and therefore being • we're doing African a favour because we're getting them out of the state of animality - even by having compassion for these people its not the same as loving an equal (pity) gods phallace and gods libido - • • is he unclear in his writing - he hides what he's truly trying to say - too ambiguous HUMAN NATURE • reality for post colonialist is always subjective. based on individual perceptions and is a social construction • there are some facts that are universal for everyone but for post modernists there are no rules that will apply to everyone equally - we want a story and a narrative • argues that Africa no longer has any meaning and that is a fundamental problem for continent • his othering is an idea that all people do this and thats how we isolate problems we need meaning and have a tenancy to other - stability in meaning is desirable and • we seek to have communication with one another FUNCTION OF OTHERING • the other is rebute to how you behave - it is a challenge to how you live • we are rational and others are savage • othering is a rationalization for how other people behave and what they believe • Rodney does this as well • believes that individualism of western philosophy as a fundamental characteristic of the western ideology - descartes (i think therefore i am and i know nothing beyond that) • the west is the base to which we measure everything by NEOGRAMSCIAN • what he says of foucault is that they focus too much on ideas and not enough on material conditions (don't account for this) • says that Marx is too involved with material conditions - we need to find an in between • power is a brutal fact of the equation as well • the state of deprivation or apparent non actuality which means that death is not just a physical thing it is also a tonne of other things AFRICAN - SICK PATIENT • reality as a social construction involves - change from slavery to feudal society • autocathonisis - means native people in Cameroon highlights that Cameroon was a prewritten oral culture • seen world and an unseen world - both have equal realities (suffuse eachother) • what makes us modern is that most of us have abandoned religion - Niet
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