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Political Science
Political Science 3398F/G
Richard Vande Wetering

REALIST THOUGHTS ON GLOBAL POLITICS • a strong state must be self sufficient, reliance on other states for resource or production weakens the state • the global system exists in a state of anarchy; all states are self serving therefore any state must be ready for competition with other states at any time • a system of alliances and a balance of power will naturally occur as a function of the system • capacity to solve problems and the material assets to do that INTERNAL ISSUES government - was democracy until recently - ended in a military coup • • Mali has three key areas which hold it back from being a successful realist state • weak government - government is unable to effectively make and execute decisions • Internal instability - Mali is an extremely unstable country which prevents attempts at implementing changing along realist lines • Economy/health - the country is one of the poorest in the world and with an array • 2012 Northern Mali Conflict - in early 2012 Tuareg rebels took control of Northern Mali declaring it an independent state (Azawad); the state was not recognized by the UN • the dark shaded North of the country is the area claimed by Tuareg separatists; Timbuktu and Bamako are the Tuareg Malian capitals respectively • through the Tuaregs make up only 10% of Mali's population they are the concentrated in the sparsely settled north whereas most of Mali's population is in the South • the Northern Mali conflict has been further complication by the involvement of several islamist groups attempting to establish an islamic state and fighting against both Tuareg and Malian forces. The US was (before the march 2012 coup) involved in supporting the Malian government through training programs as part of the War on Terror MALIAN ECONOMY • Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world ranking in the bottom 10% GDP per capita • the economy is based on a mix of subsistence agriculture/fishing and exports of raw materials (gold, cash crops) furthermore the country heavily relies on imports of manufactured goods • Waltz would say that Mali needs to become more self sufficient • 50% of the country is already working and 45% of the population will be ready to work in less than 10 years MALIAN HEALTH ISSUES • mali suffers from a number of infevctious diesease which it is unable to combat due to poor
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