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Political Science
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Political Science 3398F/G
Richard Vande Wetering

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MALI ACCORDING TO RODNEY PRESENTATION • Rodney - rodneys idea of development Europes advantages over Africa -controlled financing from trade between continents • Africa lost tens of thousands of able bodied workers to the slave trade dialectical relationship between development and underdevelopment • colonies produced raw materials - africans forced into cash crop farming • exacerbated tribal conditions - created disarray and distention INTERNAL ECONOMIC CONCERNS lack of product diversity - heavily dependent on minerals for revenue • • drought causes huge economic issues • lack of social welfare programs not properly developed during colonialism • liberalization - socialism fails under Traore • education system is tainted by individualism and economy is tied to heavily to europe INTERNAL POLITICAL CONCERNS Tuaregs wanted to created an independent nation state - rebelling constantly against • the state • Tuaregs marginalized during colonialism by the French - they wanted to end their nomadic lifestyle • Government squanders foreign aid given to aid in the drought • polytheism active in azawad state - this is bad • ansaridin movement is necessary for Rodney in order to remove the false consciousness imposed in the west INTERNAL SOCIAL CONCERNS • ethnic tolerance has dwindled since the Tuareg separation three cultural divides • • Tuareg - nomadic tribe • Solophists Islamists - monolithic group - sunni. believe that they are under seize because of colonialism. • Black Malians - have cultural and religious commonalities, they were enslaved by Tuaregs. • Education system - public system is free and mandatory for 9 years. But only 61% can go. Completion is low leaving by age 12. No social strcutures to grow institutions after decolonization. EXTERNAL ISSUES • Bilateral Relations: France - late 19th century, Mali current transportation is only one railway, constructed in 1800s from Malis interior to the ocean to trade with the rest of th
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