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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 3398F/G
Richard Vande Wetering

INTERNAL FACTORS Private Forces • in the absence of a central government, Somalia;s residents reverted to local forms of conflict resolution, consisting of civil law, religious law and customary • a few aytonomous regions including the solailand, puntland ABSENCE OF A STRONG CENTRALIZED GOVERNMENT • Somalia has been regionally divided since the 19th century when British and Italian Somaliland were established • Mohamed Siad Barre gained power in 1969 established a legitimate democratic republic the Barre government collapsed as the Somali civil war broke out in 1991 • • the initiated the corrosion of the centralized government, leaving Somalia broken into illegitimate autonomous regions • a transitional government was created in 2004 as well other regional and local governing bodies GOVERNMENT CAPABILITY • Current form of Government: Federal Parliamentary Republic • Legal system is a combination of civil and customary law AUTONOMOUS REGIONS • somalia is divided into three main regions, they are self-declared illegitimate autonomous regions that are not internationally recognized • they include Somalia, Somaliland and Puntland • each look to tribal and local forms of government as a state itself is unable to provide a strong central government LEADERSHIP • goals and competency of currently government - previously unable to skillfully access internal situations and recognize their limitations on what needs to be done • lots of corruption in the government even though they just restructured their government • absence of self sufficiency and interdependency - drastic numbers of infectious diseases and poor resources EXTERNAL FACTORS Military Power • each country is res
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