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Political Science
Political Science 3398F/G
Richard Vande Wetering

RODNEY IN SOMALIA HISTORICAL CONTEXT • prolonged and complete central state collapse • divisive clan-based conflict • secession of Somaliland and Puntland in the North as self-governing regions • Emergence of multiple localized bases of power within Somalia, interspersed with wide areas of anarchy INTERNAL SOURCES OF EXPLOITATION • Barre's scientific socialist system • he got some things right - to let go of tribal affiliations and buy into the communalist ideal • but not all ofhis methods were truly socialist • - state elites deliberately divided clans to consolidate hold on power • - unequal distribution of funds to his own clan • very agriculturally based - but very large informal sector in telecommunications • high degree of dependency on remittances and foreign aid • there isnt a lot of foreign ownership of land but it is largely owned by military war lords • Rodney would be upset by this because they are importing a lot of the stuff that they need, require more industrialization - put less funding into agriculture • failed nationalism and industrialization policies - underproduction and corruption land grabbing by government elites • • forced resettlement of pastoralists • dependency on foreign aid to prop up the economy • massive siphoningh off of foreign aid funds SOCIAL • lack of education literacy race is low • insufficient healthcare services • inequality, ill treatment of ethnic minorities forced land resettlement, genocide • massive numbers of refugees, IDPs, dispersed • vibrant indigenous populations • long history of slave labour in arab slave trade • genocidal treatment and land dispossession of minorities under the barre regime. • privatization of health care and education -
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