Religious Affiliation as an Ethnic Marker

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Political Science
Political Science 4426F/G
James S Quinn

• Religious affiliation as an ethnic marker o In the case of N Ir. It is their national aspirations that pit them against one another Causes of Ethnic Conflict • Ethnicity does not cause conflict, but is a group marker • Ethnic conflict need not result in the use of force (Canada is a good example of peaceful ethnic conflict) • Stepfan Wolff and Michael Brown quote from slide o Proximate causes trigger conflict –eg economic striff o Internal elite levels- “bad” leaders o External elite levels- “bad” neighbors with geopolitical interests in getting involved in the conflict Underlying factors of internal conflict • Structural factors and weak states o Artificial constructs- political legitimacy, boarders, and political institutions are problematic (Eg African boarders drawn by European colonizers) • Where state structures weaken Security and structural considerations • Physical security, cultural, economic, health • Extent to which groups differ culturally • The extent
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