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Chapter 7 Notes This is for Psych 2060, taken online, for the Muchinsky 9th Ed. textbook. These are very detailed and easy to understand notes on Chapter 7 that I made myself. Headings and bullets make it easy to read, and I assure you there is enough

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Psychology 2060
Hayden Woodley

Chapter 7Performance Managementperformance appraisal the process of assessing performance to make decisions eg about pay raisesperformance development assessment of performance with the goal of providing feedback to facilitate improved performanceperformance management the process that incorporates appraisal and feedback to make performancebased administrative decisions and help employees improveperformance is synonymous with behaviour it is what people actually do and can be observedeffectiveness refers to the evaluation of the results of performance and it is beyond the influence or control of the individualoeg how many promotions someone has gotten in the past 3 yearsodepends on how many openings were available4 ways performance appraisals can help organizationsoenhance quality of organizational decisions ranging from pay raises to dischargesoenhance the quality of individual decisions ranging from career choices to the development of future strengthsoaffect employees views of and attachment to their organizationoprovide rational legally defensible basis for personnel decisionsUsing the Results of Performance Appraisalpersonnel trainingoidentify employee weaknessesothese become the targets for trainingoperformance appraisals in this context serve more as a diagnostic aidwage and salary administrationoprograms are designed so that there is a direct relationship between the evaluation results and the size of a raiseowhen personnel development and salary administration are combined in the same appraisal employees can become defensiveodont want to admit to weaknesses if it means getting a smaller raiseoit is customary practice that these two functions not be conducted at the same time by the same personplacementoidentifies employees strengths to decide where a persons talents might be best usedousually for new employees and management traineespromotionsoappraisals identify the betterperforming employeeosuccession planning is a concept in which fairly longterm projections 35 years about future staffing needs are based on the anticipated promotion of current employeesopromotions are usually granted on a combination of seniority and meritdischargeotermination of employment should be predicated on just causeoorganizations should document that efforts were made to enhance the employees performance and that firing the employee was their last resortpersonnel researchPerformance Appraisal and the Lawlitigation can result fromoemployer negligencebreach of duty to conduct appraisals with due careoemployer defamationdisclosure of untrue unfavourable performance information that damages the employees reputationoemployer misrepresentationdisclosure of untrue favourable performance information that presents a risk of harm to prospective employees or third partiesappraisal criteria that Malos recommendedoobjective rather than subjectiveojobrelated or based on job analysisobased on behaviours rather than traitsoshould be within the control of the rateeorelates to specific functions not global assessmentsappraisal procedures that Malos recommendedoshould be standardized and uniform for all employees within a job grouposhould be formally communicated to employeesoprovide notice of performance deficiencies and of opportunities to correct themouse multiple diverse and unbiased ratersoshould establish a system to detect potentially discriminatory effect or abuses of the system overall
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