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Psychology 2060
Hayden Woodley

Psychology 2060 Chapter 9MotivationWhat is Work MotivationTo be motivated means to be moved to do somethingMotivation involves the energy that an individual applies to workAn internal set of discretionary psychological processes that 1Arouse 2Direct and 3Maintain attention and behavior toward attaining a goalMitchell and Daniels 2003Highlighted how these 3 psychological processes operate1ArousalMay be brought about by an unfilled need or some discrepancy between your current and desired or expected state2DirectionFocus of arousal creating a goal and resulting behavior3IntensityThe maintenance of attention and behavior towards attaining a goalDepends on the importance and attainability of the goalThese three processes impact our behavior in 4 waysFocus our attention on a particular task goal or behaviorDefine the amount of effort we put in and how long we persist in the taskDefine our task strategies which affect the way we do that task or behaviorMotivational levels and motivators vary across individuals and within individualsTarget Behavior of MotivationOrganizations interested in understanding how to motivate OCB behaviorsCause its beneficial to the companyGrant 2009Noted finding ways of motivating employees more helpful and giving to care about contributing to other people and the organization or prosocial motivation is one of the primary concerns of many managersTheories of MotivationThere is no agreed upon integrative theory of motivationMany different theoriesTextbook explores Kanfer et als organizational framework for motivationIdentified the 3 Cs of work motivation 1Content person2Context situationdomains3Change timeNeeds TheoryBased on the notion that people are striving to fulfill their needsStriving involves directed attention effort and persistenceMaslows 1943 Hierarchy of Needs Theory
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